Trucking 1970s

That's a 10-4 good buddy.

Sometimes when I get to web surfing I latch onto something that catches my interest, and then I start stream-of-consciousness link clicking. The road I went down to today is the truckers road. I must have been on a nostalgia kick today.

It started with some comments I read about Dave Chapelle’s recent un-pc standup routine on Netflix. Somebody mentioned Gene Tracy. Who? Gene Tracy (aka Ivan Eugene Morris) was a former circus promoter turned country comedian who was a favorite of truckers in the 1970s. Doing a routine based on jokes he would hear at truck stops, Gene’s popularity grew in the age of the 8-track tape. His albums were extremely popular and some of them were recorded live at actual truck stops. And yes, he was rude and crude.

I’m fascinated by 70s culture. So many things have disappeared. Malls and mom&pop truck stops. CB radios and Smokey and the Bandit. The lure of the open road.

I may have to get myself an 8-track player one day.

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